Leaflets designed, printed and delivered from £19.50 per 1,000 leaflets

Why use leaflets?

Specific targeting by area means leaflets are cost effective.

Leaflets reach consumers where buying decisions are made, at home.

Coupons, menus, taxi cards and vouchers are examples of high information items that have maximum retention and work long after delivery.

Leaflets can include response devices such as

money-off vouchers.

A leaflet is a personal one-to-one communication as it is viewed with no competition from other advertisements or editorial.


Leaflet prices and distribution guide


Leaflet charges for The Trader

£19.50 per thousand

(Minimum leaflet charge £40)

Leaflet charges for Advertiser Series

£40.00 per thousand

(Minimum amount required 11,500)

For more information on our leaflet design, print and distribution contact us on 01636 681234