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Over and over again we tell clients the benefit of digital advertising is that it's measurable. And what's the easiest metric to measure, clicks. I suppose we only have ourselves to blame that this has become the currency of digital advertising but that's not the whole story and beware of anyone that sells you clicks, good agencies measure and sell conversions not clicks. If we write and share content with the sole purpose of gaining clicks we not only fail to see any conversions but we damage our brand. The news industry gives a perfect example of this I'm embarrassed to say. When we write headlines to grab clicks (as some lesser newspapers are apt to do these days), we get a lovely spike of visitor numbers that are not serious consumers of news, bounce off the site and will never buy a newspaper or visit the site again unless we use more questionable headlines. The spike is transient but to our core or potential new customers, all we've done is damage our authority/brand.

These questionable practices are not just the preserve of the news industry, although done less intentionally I recently read a blog post on Brexit posted by a dentist and trust me there was no mention of dentistry in the entire article!!!!!!!!

I found this on a recent AdWeek blog, which says it more succinctly than I ever could.

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